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General Assembly: Front-end Web Development - 10 Week Course

General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

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General Assembly

Citizen Schools: 7th Grade Computer Science - 10 Week Course

Citizen Schools helps close the opportunity gap, and help three million students discover and achieve their dreams, by connecting students who want to learn with adults who have something to teach

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Citizen Schools

Resilient Coders: Winter Bootcamp - 14 week course

Resilient Coders teaches young people from traditionally underserved communities how to code. We do this as a way of aligning them with a lucrative and meaningful career path.

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  • Leon consistently demonstrates not only his deep understanding of the Front-End Development field, but also the analytical skills to present his knowledge in a way that any audience can comprehend. Having worked with him teaching 7th graders Front End development, I have personally seen students grasp the content and articulate it with confidence back to their fellow students and parents. Leon is able to bridge the complexity that is involved with development and tailor it to any individual, and most importantly he does it with a true demonstration of passion in his craft.

    Moises Silva / Christian Science Monitor

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my name is Leon30yo and this is my resume/cv

About Me

Leon Noel is an internationally recognized software developer and entrepreneur. Before joining the Resilient Coders team, he co-founded SocialSci, a scientific surveying company relied on by over 4000 academic institutions and held an associate position at Harvard University. Besides his lecturing work at Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Business, and General Assembly, Leon has also worked with major brands such as Shawmut Construction, BMW and Capital One to help train their engineering teams and bring new technology to market. His technological pursuits have been featured in numerous publications including Tech Crunch, Black Enterprise, and the Boston Globe.


  • 2010

    Yale University

    New Haven, Connecticut. B.A., Biological Anthropology, expected. Major GPA: 3.78

    Coursework: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Behavioral Endocrinology, Reproductive Ecology, Hormone Interaction, Life History Theory, Evolutionary Theory, Human Evolution.

  • 2006

    George Washington Carver High School Of Engineering and Science

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. GPA: 4.0; weighted GPA: 5.5; Average Grade: A; Valedictorian


Resilient Coders
2017 - 2019
Managing Director of Engineering
Manage instruction and curriculum design
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General Assembly
2013 - 2019
Distinguished Faculty Member,
Front-end Web Development
Lead instructor for over 50 courses / workshops
Instructor Profile - list of past courses taught
Founder & CEO,
Academic Research Platform (TechStars incubated - 1MM+ raised).
Center for Human and Primate Reproductive Ecology
Explored the effect of plastic use on testosterone production in adult males.
Conducted EIA analysis of free testosterone and found that one week of plastic bottle use lead to a mesurable increase of competitively binding BPA.
Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Molecular Systematics and Conservation Genetics Lab
Sequenced and phylogenetically compared a range of Anopheles along the immunity array CLIPB-1.
Isolated a gene segment in the CLIPB-1 region that contained a SNP variation between Anopheles which determined if organism could or could not carry malaria.


+1 (215) 821 7195
leon.a.noel @ Google's Email Service
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Harvard Business School

Programming for Non-programmers


Learn More Faster: TechStars for a Day

MIT Sloan School Of Business

Surveying Best Practices - Strategic Market Measurement - Guest Lecture

Capital One

Front-end Crash Course

Boston Public Library

Intro. To The Boston Tech Community


Front-end Crash Course

General Assembly

Growth Hacking: Desiging for New Users

Excel Academy Charter School

Tech Club - Tech Training: Front-end Web Development

Citizen Schools

Pencil Code - Front-end Web Development

Tech Crunch

TechStars Boston Graduates Ten New Startups In 2010

Boston Herald

School on hold as start-up gets $

Black Enterprise

Beyond Demo Day: An Update on TechStars Alumni

The Boston Globe

Tech Stars Boston Investor Night: Pics, Boldface Names, Awards

Yale Daily News

Yale News: Campus and City Celebrate Community Leaders

Boston Business Journal

SocialSci’s Noel aims for a better way to do scientific research

Chronical Of Higher Education

Filtering Out the Fibbers

MIT Entrepreneurship Review

Student to Founder Series: Interview with TechStars entrepreneur Leon Noel

South Philly Review

A click away: A Yale junior from here has founded a Web site that connects those in need with those who want to help.


SocialSci Releases Beta Version of Online Scientific Survey Platform, With Rewards for Participants

Annals of Behavioral Medicine

Chronic Pain Status, Nicotine Withdrawal, and Expectancies for Smoking Cessation Among Lighter Smokers.

PloS one

Sexual Conflict and Gender Gap Effects: Associations between Social Context and Sex on Rated Attractiveness and Economic Status

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Face-trait inferences show robust child–adult agreement: Evidence from three types of faces.

Archives of sexual behavior

Social Dominance Orientation Predicts Heterosexual Men’s Adverse Reactions to Romantic Rejection.

Health communication

Individual and social determinants of obesity in strategic health messages: Interaction with political ideology.

European Journal of Social Psychology

Property and prejudice: How racial attitudes and social‐evaluative concerns shape property appraisals.

Evolution and Human Behavior

Pathogen disgust sensitivity and resource scarcity are associated with mate preference for different waist-to-hip ratios, shoulder-to-hip ratios, and body mass index.

Health Education & Behavior

Stigmatizing images in obesity health campaign messages and healthy behavioral intentions.

Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology

Are preferences for women’s hair color frequency-dependent?.

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Mental toughness as a moderator of the intention–behaviour gap in the rehabilitation of knee pain.

Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology

A pilot study of pain-related anxiety and smoking-dependence motives among persons with chronic pain.

Behavioral Ecology

Human facial attributes, but not perceived intelligence, are used as cues of health and resource provision potential.

Animal Behaviour

Confusion in the science of evolution and orgasm: a reply to Wallen, Myers and Lloyd.

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